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Education & Training

CERT's core mission is to design and deliver world- class programs to develop the nation's workforce. We aim to deliver economic and strategic value to the UAE through our commitment to both Emiratization and upskilling and re-skilling the UAE workforce across federal, local government and semi-government organizations.

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CERT has garnered expertise over the past two decades in channeling organizational strategy and resources, and playing a leading role in our future's transformative digital journey. This has been achieved by engineering technological change across a range of products, services, markets, industries and the economy.

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"Smart" is our fundamental approach to providing intelligent automation services that enable our customers to improve their operational efficiency, and optimize their cost and analytical decision-making capabilities.

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Our History

Since its foundation in 1996, CERT has been at the forefront of national development, through life-long learning and technology solutions that deliver value for leading organizations in the UAE and the region. We are uniquely positioned at the intersection of academia, industry, and government, offering integrated solutions that contribute to industry competitiveness and government excellence.

+25 Years

Established in 1996


Faculty & Staff



The future of learning

CEO Message

"CERT has been at the forefront of human capital development as a trusted and proficient education partner.

We are in a unique position of convergence of industry, government, and academia. This allows us to design programs according to the latest developments in the field, enhance the employability of the national workforce and address skills gap. CERT's national skills programs combine immersive and impactful training delivery methodologies and focus on practical, job-oriented education and career success."

Dr. Mohamed Baka
Chief Executive Officer

Mission, Vision & Values

Advancing UAE's aspirations in knowledge building, life-long learning and technological innovation and delivering economic and strategic value to HCT

Our Partners

The CERT Group of Companies leverages unique relationships with global leading partners to provide a wide range of services in education & training, technology and applied research, to the public and private sector in the UAE and the region.

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