Education & Training

Academies & Institutes

CERT, the educational training center offers a range of education and programs under the English training Institute, AI & VAT Academy.

The English Institute offers a variety of general and customized professional skills based English programs to suit our clients’ requirements. We offer programs of varying lengths, from short intensive skills training to full-time, integrated skills development leading to an internationally recognized language qualification.

English for Special Purposes (ESP)

Our clients can choose from a wide range of courses designed to enhance English communication competencies within specific occupations, specialties and sectors. ESP courses are available either as a constituent part of a wider General or Business English studies programs or as short intensive periods of job-related training.

Business English

Our Business English programs focus on developing the communication skills needed in order to succeed in the workplace and across professions. The focus of the Business English curriculum is core business terminology, occupation-oriented writing and speaking skills from Foundations to Advanced level. Our methodology is project-based and industry orientated

General English Proficiency

Our General English Proficiency courses provide well-structured, integrated skills training from Pre-Beginner to Upper-Intermediate entry level. Our methodology of stimulating content and continuous assessment ensures students acquire the English language proficiency they need to perform confidently, both socially and professionally. Sessions can be delivered either on a full-time or part-time basis.

English for Internationally Accredited Qualifications

As an accredited Cambridge Exam Centre, CERT offers training for those preparing to take the IELTS Academic or General Training examinations for internationally accredited qualifications. The international English language testing system (IELTS) is the world’s most recognized, prestigious English Language test, accepted as proof of English language proficiency for study, work and immigration. Our center offers IELTS testing and preparation services across the UAE. Our IELTS training program includes intensive courses that focus exclusively on test-taking strategies, and an IELTS bridging course for those learners who require a more gradual approach in learning to meet the requirements of the exams.

The AI Academy is a strategic initiative of the Centre of Excellence for Applied Research and Training (CERT), launched in March 2019, under the auspices of the Ministry of Artificial Intelligence of the UAE. Our mission is to bridge the gap in AI knowledge and AI talent in the UAE, preparing the national workforce for employment and innovation and activating the adoption of AI in government, enterprise and education. The CERT AI Academy offers a comprehensive platform of solutions in:

AI Talent Acceleration

Capacity Building Programs to attract, assess, map competencies, skill and upskill the UAE National workforce in AI related fields.

AI Knowledge Transfer

Roundtables and seminars to discuss the advancement of AI and cognitive technologies in academia and business.

Enterprise AI Integration

Working side-by-side with enterprise and government in their digital transformation journey, to formulate strategic roadmaps and create an innovative culture that optimizes the interface between automation and human capital.

AI Start-up Incubation

Ecosystem for AI-powered innovation and entrepreneurship, to connect entrepreneurial ideas with a network of mentors, investors and cutting-edge technology and to create commercially viable AI-powered solutions.

AI Programs for Young Digital Thinkers

Programs to empower young minds to embrace digital skills for the jobs of the future, develop their technology skills and stimulate their interest in cognitive technologies. This program fosters the development of a new generation of data scientists to support the national digital transformation strategy.

The UAE Federal Government introduced the Value Added Tax (VAT) on a range of goods and services, effective from January 1, 2018. The emergence of new functional roles associated with indirect tax policy, administration and regulation, requires the training and professionalization of new cadres of UAE Nationals to fulfil the government’s strategic vision.. The CERT VAT Academy offers taxation training and certification programs, aligned to internationally recognized taxation knowledge and adapted to the legal, business, and cultural environment of the UAE

Based on a Tax Professional Competencies Framework of 8 clusters, our curriculum offers the following four levels of professional development solutions to suit a wide range of functional roles.

Level 1- Foundation and Awareness Programs

  • Executive Workshops on UAE
  • Implementation
  • Seminars for Chambers of Commerce on UAE Tax
  • Indirect Taxation Literacy Programs for Emirati Graduates
  • AI and Blockchain Application to Tax Compliance
  • Workshops on VAT Implementation in the UAE

Level 2- Function-Based and Sector-Based Programs

Function Specific Programs

Bespoke training mapping key taxation competencies by functions:

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Auditing/Compliance
  • Procurement
  • IT
  • Courts/Legal
Sector Specific Programs

Bespoke Training addressing specific challenges of VAT implementation by sector:

  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Retailing
  • Insurance

Level 3- Certifications and Qualifications

  • Certificate in UAE VAT Implementation & Compliance—Fundamentals

The Certificate in UAE VAT Implementation & Compliance– Fundamentals includes six specialized modules with 17 key topics.

  • Certificate in Advanced UAE VAT Implementation & Compliance

The Certificate in Advanced UAE VAT Implementation & Compliance includes 12 major topics organized in five modules addressing

advanced topics of VAT position and VAT treatment in adherence to the procedures and provisions of the UAE VAT Law.

Level 4 Programs for Government Entities, Regulators & Tax Agents

  • Taxation Programs for Government Entities
  • Taxation Programs for Customs Administration
  • Tax Administration Best Practices Program
  • CPD Program for Tax Agents

Strategic Alignment

The VAT Academy aligns its programs to initiatives that seek to increase the competency and employability of nationals to participate in the taxation workforce

Priority 1 :

Federal Government Priority: Ministry of Finance Strategic Plan 2017-2021

Priority 2 :

Abu Dhabi Vision 2030