Job type Faculty

Job Title: Faculty
Grade: FA
Faculty: Engineering Technology & Science

Position Objective

Faculty provide effective instruction in one or more of the Engineering Technology & Science disciplines. Curriculum is taught to second language learners within a student-centric learning environment that fosters respect for students, their culture, and their traditions. Faculty play an important role in assisting with the development and preservation of system-wide and directorate-specific policies, and are viewed as active participants in academic and extra-curricular events at the College and within the community.


All full-time faculty are required to work 8 hours per day / 40 hours per week, excluding the lunch break. The work days in a week are normally 6:30 am to 14:00 pm Monday to Thursday & 6:30 am to 12:00 pm on Fridays. Sometimes work on Sundays as normal working days The hours of work for academic employees are based on the teaching schedule. Generally, the workload for faculty is 15 credit hours per week, averaged over an academic year.

Duties and Responsibilities

Faculty Role
  • Using a practical, applied approach, teach courses that are in line with course and program goals to meet the needs and aspirations of the students and the community
  • Develop and utilize various educational technology resources to ensure that effective and innovative instruction methodologies are employed
  • Apply strategies to ensure that effective student learning is achieved within a second-language environment, providing continuous feedback on student progress through a variety of assessment tools, including tests, projects, assignments and other evaluation instruments
  • Take a student-centered approach, providing students with individual assistance, and dealing promptly with student issues by liaising directly with the student, program supervisor and other College personnel as required
  • Support and mentor students during internships and work placements
  • Maintain regular office hours in order to advise and assist students
  • Monitor student progress and take action to support student success

Administrative Role

  • Ensure that teaching assignments are prepared in advance and that the material is presented in an appropriate manner to support student success and Learning by Doing concept.
  • Develop course curriculum under the guidance of the line management as per accreditation and international standards and maintain the relevance of the materials
  • Provide input to program and course reviews and make recommendations based on consultations with students, colleagues and external agencies
  • Contribute to the development of the HCT by monitoring programs and identifying areas for improvement; by observing and implementing College and system-wide policies and procedures; and by participating in extra-curricular activities and community events
  • Ensure curriculum is revised as appropriate from Faculty-wide assessment information or with industry advice
  • Develop an awareness of and respect for the customs and cultures of HCT students and employees
  • Other duties as assigned by the supervisor

Governance Role

Industry Advisory Committee - Each Faculty is required to have, individually, or as part of a group of programs of which it is a part, one or more Industry Advisory Committees (IAC's) consisting of external community stakeholders, industry professionals and relevant educational leaders from the HCT. Faculty are encouraged to participate on Faculty committees or HCT system wide committees ensuring academic excellence, academic oversight or academic initiatives such as innovation and applied research.

Standards of Professional & Cultural Norms

  • All faculty and administrators should be aware of the HCT Learning by Doing philosophy. New staff and students should be taught the HCT Learning Model and Learning by Doing as part of their orientation.
  • Student learning outcomes must align with accrediting agency standards, where applicable.
  • Faculty are responsible for explaining and ensuring that students understand the HCT definition for academic dishonesty and the types of behavior that will be considered academic misconduct.
  • Faculty must be certain that the students understand the disciplinary measures and consequences of academic misbehavior
  • Faculty must assure that the teaching/learning environment is sensitive to the cultural heritage of HCT students
  • Faculty must recognize that students are the very embodiment of the HCT's institutional mission.

Academic Qualification

  • PhD in a relevant discipline as appropriate
  • A Master's Degree in an Engineering discipline including Applied Engineering Technology, Aeronautical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Marine, Mechanical or Mechatronics Engineering, Petroleum, Math/Physics and a professional certification relevant to the discipline
  • Bachelor's Degree may also be considered for candidates with extensive industry experience and industry certification
  • Appropriate academic professional qualifications as required

In support of Emiratization, HCT may exercise flexibility with the experience or education requirement in order to recruit UAE National candidates who show potential for success in the role.

Skills & Ezperience

  • A minimum of 3 years of engineering teaching/training experience at a tertiary level, preferably in the areas of Applied Engineering Technology, Aeronautics, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics, Marine, Mechanical or Mechatronics Engineering, Math/Physics or Petroleum.
  • At least 3 years of relevant industrial experience in the core discipline
  • Must be able to provide instruction at various levels within the program areas
  • Possess specialist knowledge and proven ability to operate specialist equipment and use discipline specific software
  • Have effective presentation skills, both theoretical and practical
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and a demonstrated competency to interact with people at all levels of the organization
  • A high degree of computer literacy and demonstrated ability to integrate technology into the learning environment and teaching methodology
  • Have current knowledge of industry practices, trends and issues
  • Demonstrate the ability to function as a team player within a multi-cultural work environment
  • Overseas teaching/training experience to non-native English speakers is desirable


  • Fluency in written and spoken English is essential
  • Fluency in spoken and written Arabic is a plus.

Professional Development

  • Keep abreast of developments in the field by engaging in professional development activities as
    required by professional organizations or to promote HCT's reputation in specific areas as approved
    by his/her Supervisor
  • Travel to other HCT colleges to attend meetings, workshops and conferences as required

Faculty are assigned to participate in system-wide calendared professional development activities twice
during the academic year. The tentative schedule for professional development is given below:

  1. One week (5 working days) professional development - Semester One
  2. One week (5 working days) professional development - Semester Two

Reports To

Reports to the relevant Program Chair

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